Atelocollagen/Native Collagen Acidic Solutions

Atelocollagen/Native collagen acidic solutions are high purity collagen acidic solutions prepared from bovine dermis and suitable for collagen coating applications and for preparing collagen gel as a scaffold for 3D culture. Two types of products are available: I-PC (atelocollagen) and I-AC (native collagen).

What is Atelocollagen?


Collagen is an extracellular matrix found in the dermis, ligaments, bones, etc., and accounts for approximately 30% of the total protein in the human body. The most abundant type of collagen is type I collagen, which has a molecular weight of approximately 300 kDa and comprises three polypeptides. The molecular structure of collagen is a right-handed triple helix region and telopeptide (non-helical) regions at the N-terminal and C-terminal of the molecule. These telopeptide regions are composed of two α1 chains and one α2 chain. The triple helix region is conserved among species and shows low immunogenicity, while the telopeptide regions exhibit high immunogenicity. Removal of the telopeptide regions by protease treatment produces atelocollagen, which retains the same properties as collagen.



  • Atelocollagen/Native collagen acidic solutions form a gel (fibrillisation) under physiological conditions.
  • Collagen concentrations of 3 mg/mL and 5 mg/mL are available and suitable for coating and preparing gel as a scaffold for 3D culture applications, respectively.
  • In contrast to cell-derived soluble basement membrane preparations, collagen solutions are free from bioactive compounds, nucleic acids, matrix metalloprotease (MMP), etc., allowing experimental results to be evaluated more clearly.

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