BioLegend’s 15 Year Anniversary

news February 09 2017

In 2017, BioLegend is celebrating their 15th anniversary. Their success is squarely due to you, the customer!

BioLegend’s Innovations of 2016

Follow the links below to learn more about each of BioLegend’s major product lines.

  • Flex-T™ MHC Tetramers provide excellent flexibility, as the MHC groove contains an ultraviolet light-labile peptide that can be replaced with the researcher’s peptide of interest.
  • To understand subcellular localization and cell health and function, they released a full spectrum of probes for F-actin (Flash Phalloidin™), cell-impermeant (Helix NP™) and permeant vitality indicators (Calcein-AM and Calcein-AM Violet) probes.
  • APC/Fire™ 750 is their newest fluor and provides an upgrade over APC/Cy7 in terms of photostability, fixation stability, and compensation into the APC channel.
  • They expanded their lyophilized human control cells with Veri-Cells™ CD4-Low and Veri-Cells™ Leukocytes. Researchers can now choose from a set of controls that most ideally matches their needs.
  • Direct-Blot™ antibodies are primary antibodies that are directly conjugated to HRP, which allows you to bypass the use of a secondary reagent, shortening the overall western blotting protocol.