Brilliant Tetramer detection using BV421

news April 01 2019

Flow cytometry experiments can be daunting.  But they don’t have to be – not when you use quality and reliable reagents.  MBL International offers tetramers conjugated with Brilliant Violet 421.  Using this conjugate, researchers can have the option of detecting their tetramer of interest using a 405nm laser.  Use this conjugate in addition to PE or APC and you’ll have yourself a lovely panel of tetramer detection.

Figure 1. Similar percentages of antigen-specific T cells were detected in OT-I transgenic splenocytes stained individually (A) or simultaneously (B) with H-2 Kb OVA (SIINFEKL) tetramers labeled with PE, APC, or BV421. Tetramers signal to noise ratios for OVA tetramers were 15.6, 31.0, and 15.9 for PE, APC, and BV421, respectively when tetramers were used individually (A), versus 9.5, 21.1, and 9.7 when used simultaneously, reflecting the competition of the three tetramers to the same target (B). Regions were set based on TRP2 irrelevant tetramer (C).