Cytokine Storm – when the immune system overreacts

A severe or even lethal reaction also seen in some patients with Covid-19 where understanding the complex system of cytokine signaling plays a key role in diagnostic and developing treatments.

Cytokines are small proteins released from cells and work as signaling molecules between cells. They have a critical role in inflammation and the immune response. In some cases of overreaction of the immune system you see the phenomenon known as a Cytokine Storm or Cytokine Release Syndrome leading to tissue damage. It can be triggered by various therapies, pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions, and monogenic disorders. It has also been found in relation to infection with SARS-CoV-2.

As cytokine storm is a disease and cell type specific response, it is important to profile the cytokines. Nordic BioSite offers a wide range of reagents to help you study cytokine levels and other markers of inflammation.


If you want to measure levels of several cytokines, the BioLegend LEGENDplex bead assay for Flow Cytometry is an excellent tool – even if your sample volume is small. Choose from a selection of premade panels or let us help you Mix and Match your panel of choice.

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We have a broad range of ELISA kits for cytokines, inflammation markers and SARS-CoV-2 related for multiple species. Use our website search tools or contact us for help choosing the right assay.

Cytokine intracellular signaling

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