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What can Infinicyt™ do for you?

Improve laboratory efficiency

  • Save time in analysis and in result interpretation with innovative tools such as the APS diagram, reference images and Automated Gating and Identification tool.
  • Perform reproducible analysis with pre-saved analysis strategies.
  • Create easily and save unlimited and flexible analysis templates.
  • Analyze all tubes of a panel at the same time and integrate all results in a single report.
  • Export all results directly into your laboratory integration system (LIS).
Provide better patient care

  • Integrate information of complete panels for a better evaluation of the pathological cells and the immune context.
  • Use the APS tool to evaluate what are the better marker to be used in your panel design.
  • Perform a better follow up of patient samples along time using reference images of the different evaluation time points.
  • Evaluate MRD with great performance when working with large files.
  • Perform agile gating, visualize all acquired events and use customizable statistics to calculate ratios, limits of detection and quantification.
  • Use the Automated Analysis and Identification tool for a standard comparison of patient files against a robust reference database to obtain a highly reliable analysis and interpretation.


Are you looking to improve flow cytometry data quality and analysis efficiency in your laboratory daily activities?

Infinicyt™ provides a new revolutionary way to manage clinical data in an accurate and effective manner. Assure a precise selection of all cell populations with multiple hand-free gating and customizable population tree labels. Analysis templates can be prepared according to your laboratory preferences for each disease under study and automatically loaded based on file parameters. Reference databases together with automated tools aid on making your analysis more objective and reproducible between operators. Learn more.

Would you like to show the most informative data from your multicolor panels in your analysis and reporting?

Classic diagrams can be configured to display seven different visualization displays (e.g. dots, means, medians, SD, etc.) which can be also used to select events. Data from the complete panel can be included in multi-parameter and statistical diagrams. All diagrams and displays can be exported in publication quality or included in Infinicyt™ built-in report. Infinicyt™ also includes an automatic report designed specifically for each disease type which includes alerts regarding sample quality (hemodilution, LOD) and age-reference ranges with relevant comments, conclusions in 13 different languages. Communication between laboratory personnel and clinicians can now be completely standardized. Learn more.

Would you like to decrease analysis time and obtain more reliable diagnosis and monitoring?

Avoid redundant gating strategies that reduce the time you can dedicate to interpret each patient data. Optimize the analysis of your multicolor panels to save time. The increasing number of markers and colors used in clinical flow cytometry requires for advanced analysis tools that make easier evaluation of routine samples. Complete panels can be analyzed together with overlaid information in order to gate the populations of interest in all files at the same time. These analysis strategies can be stored and applied to any new patient for a specific clinical flow study. Reference images of pathological or normal populations can be used during patient follow-up to unequivocally identify abnormal patterns. Analysis can be performed automatically in batch using analysis strategies or EuroFlow™ databases (Automatic Gating and Identification) to reduce analysis time. Learn more.

Do you need to reinforce your quality procedures and documentation?

Ensuring that your current software version complies with your laboratory quality standards can be troublesome. Cytognos has extensive quality procedures in order to develop Infinicyt™ which ensure that the software generates correct results for all patients. Over 1000 individual tests are performed and results from manual and automatic tests are documented. Before any release, Infinicyt™ undergoes in-house verification and external validation from the EuroFlow™ consortium. Cytognos performs periodic scheduled reviews of all quality procedures and documentation. Ask us for an IQ/OQ program that provides evidence of Infinicyt™ works within the specifications of your flow cytometry data. Learn more.

Are you looking to improve security and traceability of your analysis?

Security and traceability of your laboratory data can be one of the most important responsibilities in a laboratory that deals with patient information. Track “who did what and at what time” in your patient files. Files can be anonymized, encrypted and password protected to ensure data security during transmission. Electronic signatures certify analysis and reports. Even if there is an Infinicyt™ crash you can perform an auto-recover of your patient files. For us your patient data is one the most important aspects to take care of so we work that you will never lose relevant information. Learn more.