Essential tools for COVID-19 and Immunotherapy research

Diaclone’s human cytokines for monitoring COVID-19 infection & Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS)

Diaclone provides a large panel of research tools, Monoclonal Antibodies and Immunoassays, for measuring the levels of released cytokines triggered by viral infection (cytokine release syndrome – CRS), including a complete range of human IL-6 and TNF-α products.

Human IL-6

Human IL-6 ELISA pair:


Human TNF-α ELISA pair:

The DIAplex Th1/Th2 Kit – A useful and accurate tool for multiplex measurement in a single sample with a significantly reduced assay time and sample volume requirement when compared to ELISA techniques.

Human cytokine immunoassays for immunotherapy research

Our Human IL-6 receptor product range provides an important research tool for COVID-19 therapies targeting IL-6R.

Human CD126 ELISA pair:

Diaclone’s IFN gamma ELISpot kits for immune response monitoring as part of COVID-19 vaccine research.