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news November 18 2021


Working with exosomes (a.k.a. extracellular vesicles) or planning to start a new project? Here we highlight several excellent kits for accurate and unbiased exosome purification or depletion, exosome/microvesicle markers and antibodies, and more!

Exosome Purification

Intact Exosome Purification
Purification & enrichment of intact exosomes from plasma/serum, urine, cell culture media and saliva, in just 30 minutes. No need of ultracentrifugation, filtration or special syringes, precipitation reagents or overnight incubation/treatments. The purified exosomes are compatible with NanoSight® or Electron Microscopy. Also, you can subsequent isolate:

  • Exosomal RNA Isolation
    Isolate all sizes of exosomal and extracellular vesicle RNA, irrespective of size or GC content, in 15-20 minutes
  • Free-circulating RNA Isolation
    Isolation of all sizes of exosomal/extracellular vesicle RNA and cfc-RNA (incl. microRNA) in two separate fractions, in 15-20 minutes

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ExoCapTM kits for protein analysis, nucleic acid analysis and flow cytometry, without need of ultracentrifugation:

  • ExoCap™ Streptavidin kits: Customized isolation and analysis of exosomes. Uses biotinylated antibodies coupled with magnetic streptavidin beads
  • ExoCapTM-SP kits: Purification of CD9, CD81, CD63 and EpCam positive exosomes. Uses pre-coupled magnetic beads (MagnosphereTM)

You can find more information about these products and prices here.

Purified Exosomes

Isolate all sizes of exosomal and extracellular vesicle RNA (incl. microRNA) from previously purified exosomes. Compatible with several exosome purification technology such as ultracentrifugation, ExoquickTM, filtration, etc.

Exosome Depletion

Fast and efficient all-in-one system for the depletion of exosomes from FBS or other serum. No ultracentrifugation, protease treatment or overnight incubation required. Slurry & column format available.

We also offer exosome/microvesicle markers, antibodies, vectors and plasmids, and more! Click here to see the specific products.

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