Gene Editing Tools

news May 15 2020

OriGene offers a broad range of tools for gene silencing and gene expression. Feeling lost? Here you’ll find a summary!

Gene Silencing Tools

CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Knockout Kits
– Irreversible knockout
– Contain two gRNA vectors and donor DNA
– Homology based (HDR) or non-homology based (KN2.0 non-homology) kits
Available kits and pricing here.

pCas-Guide-CRISPRi Vector
All-in-one CRISPRi vector containing dCas9-KRAB-MeCP2 and gRNA cloning site
More information and pricing here.

RNAi (shRNA, siRNA & miRNA)
– Reversible knockdown
– Genome wide coverage for human, mouse & rat genes
– High potency with minimal interferon response,
Available tools here (shRNA), here (siRNA) and here (miRNA).

Gene Expression Tools

Expression Plasmids
– Overexpression cDNA clones ready for transfection into mammalian cells
– Genome-wide coverage of human, mouse, rat, and viruses
Available tools and pricing here.

CRISPRa kits
Gene activation kits where dCas9 (enzymatically deficient Cas9) is fused or interacts with transcriptional activators leading to gene expression upregulation
Available kits and pricing here.

Transgene Knockin via CRISPR at AAVS1 and ROSA26 Loci
– Targeted gene insertion at genomic safe harbours
– For human (AAVS1) and mouse (ROSA26) cells
Available kits here (AAVS1) and here (ROSA26).

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