Immune Checkpoint Proteins

news December 07 2017

Immune checkpoints have been playing a significant role in cancer immunotherapy. They are a serious of co-stimulatory and inhibitory signals for regulating the antigen recognition. The cancer cells cleverly escape from immunity by dysregulating immune checkpoint signaling. So agonists of co-stimulatory signals or antagonists of inhibitory signals function as good ways for cancer therapy. Over these years, remarkable successes have been achieved in immune checkpoint therapy : CTLA-4 and PD1- PD-L1 inhibitors have already been approved for cancer therapy with effective efficacy. Multiple additional researches on other immune checkpoints have also stepped into clinical trials, predicting new hope for conquering cancer.

Immune Checkpoint Protein Background

Immune checkpoint therapies have attracted amounts of attention from scientists who are devoted to cancer treatment. What is immune checkpoint? It is a kind of co-stimulatory and inhibitory signal for regulating the antigen recognition of T cell receptor (TCR) in the process of immune responce. When immune system is attacking pathogens, these immune checkpoint molecules can protect the normal tissues from damage. The cancer cells cleverly escape from immune attack by dysregulating immune checkpoint related proteins. Immune checkpoint therapy relys on functioning immune system with agonists of co-stimulatory signals or antagonists of inhibitory signals. Over these years there are two immune checkpoint receptors that have been actively studied: cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4 / CD152) and programmed cell death protein 1 (PD1 / PDCD1 / CD279). The corresponding antibodies can inhibit the functioning of the receptors and enhance antitumour immunity. Furthermore, multiple additional immune checkpoints, representing promising targets for anti-cancer therapy are under active development, more therapies based on immune checkpoint for more cancers are on the way to the market.

Sino Biological Inc. has researched and developed proteins for almost 50 immune checkpoints as shown below. Recombinant immune checkpoint proteins cover multiple species and various tags. Binding activity has also been assayed and confirmed. All the proteins can be customed. If you cann’t find a desired one, please contact

Immune Checkpoint Protein Strengths

– Validated bioactivity & High purity (SDS-PAGE)
– Mutiple species: Human, Mouse, Canine, Rat, Rhesus, Cynomolgus
– His-tagged, Fc-tagged and tag free proteins
– Endotoxin less than 1EU/μg by the LAL method.
– Produced in house & Animal free

Immune Checkpoint Information