Introducing APC/Fire™ 750 Antibody Conjugates

news April 13 2016

Introducing APC/Fire™ 750 Antibody Conjugates BioLegend is excited to announce the release of our newest tandem, APC/Fire™ 750, an improved, high performance alternative to APC/Cy7. Our newest fluor offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • Increased long-term storage, photostability and temperature-stability
  • Lower APC compensation requirements (compared to APC/Cy7). • Lower non-specific background staining of monocytes
  • Brightness comparable to APC/Cy7

APC/Fire™ 750 Data

Improved Stability

Minimal Spillover into APC                         APC/Fire™ 750 Brightness Comparison

Excitation/Emission Spectra

Specificity Clone Specificity Clone Specificity Clone
APC/Fire™ 750 Antibodies

CD3 SK7 CD4 GK1.5 Mouse IgG1, κ MOPC-21
CD4 SK3 CD8a  53-6.7 Mouse IgG2a, κ MOPC-173
CD8 SK1 CD11b M1/70 Mouse IgG2b, κ MPC-11
CD14 63D3 CD11c N418 Rat IgG2a, κ RTK2758
CD15 W6D3 CD45 30-F11 Rat IgG2b, κ RTK4530
CD19 SJ25C1 CD45R/B220 RA3-6B2
CD20 2H7
CD56 5.1H11
IFN-γ 4S.B3