Lipid Metabolism Detection Reagents

news April 12 2021

Novel reseach tools for Lipid peroxidation (LPO)


LipiRADICAL Green / OH-Pen


Lipid Radical Detection Reagent

LipiRADICAL Green is the world’s first detection reagent for lipid radicals, which are upstream factor of lipid-peroxidation (LPO). This reagent is compatible with live cell imaging, structural analysis of lipid radicals by fluorescent LC/MS-MS and etc.


Lipid Radical Inhibitor

OH-Pen is a specific inhibitor for lipid radical that does not react with other reactive oxygen species. OH-Pen can suppress the LPO signaling via specific reaction with lipid radicals.




Cell-based Acrolein Detection Reagent

AcroleinRED is the world first cell-based acrolein-detection reagent in live cells condition without any pre-treatment and cell lysis.

AcroleinRED specifically react with either extracellular acrolein conjugate released from cell surface lipids or intracellular acrolein generated via enzymatic pathway and label acrolein with TAMRA fluorophore.




Fatty Acid Oxidation (FAO) activity detection / assay reagent

FAOBlue is the world-first reagent for directly measuring FAO activity in living cells.

FAOBlue is a coumarin dye possessing a nonanoic acid (C9) protected by acetoxymethyl ester and it shows no fluorescence excited by 405 nm before metabolization by FAO.



LipiDye II

Lipid Droplet Green

LipiDye II is a high sensitive, low cytotoxic and super-photostable fluorescent dye for Lipid Droplets (LDs). LipiDye II enables to detect very small LDs (less than 1µm) and to perform long-term time-lapse imaging, including Z-stack imaging. This novel dye succeeded in observation of dynamic biosynthesis, degradation and movement of LDs in live cells.




Membrane Lipid Order Imaging Dye

LipiORDER is a novel solvatochromic dye for membrane lipid order imaging.


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