Superior Detection and Screening of Immuno-Oncology Targets

news March 14 2018

The use of a patient’s own immune system to combat cancer has become an increasingly popular area of research and drug development. However, a greater understanding is needed to learn how cancer cells bypass immune checkpoints and how scientists can use the immune system for cancer immunotherapy.

MBL International offers over 2000 MHC Tetramers and Monomers for antigen-specific t-cell detection, including QuickSwitch™ Tetramers for high throughput immunogenic peptide discovery and validation.

MHC Tetramers: Superior specificity with patented α3 mutation

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QuickSwitch™ Tetramers: High Throughput Immunogenic Peptide Discovery and Validation in 90 min

Functional screening of peptides for MHC class I binding is essential for vaccine design and immune monitoring. A rapid, high-throughput and user-friendly assay system that has the potential for clinical immune monitoring is now needed more than ever.

We present a 90-min-assay system that allows discrimination of MHC binding from non-binding peptides. This is particularly essential for the screening of immunogenic peptides from infectious agents or cancer neoantigens. Tetramers resulting from peptide exchange with selected peptides can then be used for immune monitoring.


QuickSwitch™ Platform Capabilities:

• Validate MHC binding peptides from in silico selected list of candidate peptides
• Generate new specificity tetramers for immune monitoring
• Perform functional stability studies for MHC binding peptides
• Compare epitopes to rank better binders and perform epitope mapping

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