Superior Peptide Labelling Dyes

AAT Bioquest offers a complete set of peptide labelling reagents. This set includes the classic dyes as well as superior Tide Fluor™ donor dyes and Tide Quencher™ acceptor dyes. Tide Fluor™ dyes outperform classic peptide labelling dyes and Alexa Fluor® dyes with significant savings. The key benefits of Tide Fluor™ dyes are:

  • Stronger fluorescence intensity to enhance assay sensitivity
  • pH-insensitive and environment-insensitive fluorescence
  • Higher photostability to improve fluorescence imaging quality & increase observation time window
  • Adjustable water solubility
  • Optimized to pair with Tide Quencher dark acceptors to maximize FRET efficiency
  • A variety of reactive forms available to accommodate various conjugation techniques