The Transfection Collection™

BPS Bioscience and Nordic BioSite is excited to inform you about BPS's new Transfection Collection. These are bundled packs that include all the tools needed to perform cellular reporter assays. The Transfection Collection Transient Packs provide a complete solution for researchers performing cellular assays. The cost of the Transfection Collection is less than the cost of purchasing each of the individual items, making them convenient, easy, and cost-saving. They also make it advantageous for distributors to cross-sell related products by bundling everything together in a single convenient package. We’ve already seen a very positive customer response to these packs vs. ordering some or all of the components separately. The Transfection Collection comes in two formats, Transient and Stable Cell Packs. The Transient Cell Packs include our reporter kits, which contain transfectionready vectors that can be used monitor signaling pathway  activity, screen for activators or inhibitors, and to study the effects of RNAi or gene overexpression on the activity of a given pathway. These reporter kits contain vectors that encode firefly luciferase as a pathway-responsive reporter and constitutively expressing Renilla luciferase for normalization. The pack also includes our Dual Luciferase detection reagents to detect both these luciferase activities. Finally, the pack contains optimized cell culture media for the particular cell line used in the assay. In the next couple weeks, BPS will also be releasing more Transfection Collection packs, including Stable Cell Packs (a set of new packs for stable cell lines and cellular assays).

You can view the the list of Transfection Collection kits HERE.