We say validate, validate, validate

news August 04 2020

Choosing the right antibody for immunohistochemistry (IHC) is tricky but not anymore with our Optibodies.

IHC enables pathologists to visualize the location and the expression levels of the biomarkers. Even though IHC is the keystone for the clinical diagnostics; there are limitations to the method. The biggest concerns are the false positive and false negative signals mainly due to nonspecific antibody binding, wrong dilution, and epitope retrieval methods.

Optibodies are highly specific and sensitive IVD antibodies developed to detect clinically significant biomarkers. In the validation process, we test a variety of tissues and alternative protocols to eliminate false positives and negative signals.

In addition, we are using an external validation organization NordicQC to substantiate the performance of the Optibodies. When an antibody gets an “optimal” rating in the procedure; it means it is robust and performs optimally on different automated platforms and variations of protocols.

We are very proud of our CK-pan and EpCam Optibodies recently classified as optimal for automatic platforms that will also help shorten the time for protocol set ups.

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