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Breast cancer-normal

Breast cancer-normal

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Application IHC
Article No 16-2009-1
Country Availability SE, FI, DK, NO, IS, EE, LV, LT
Description Breast cancer-normal
Supplier Abeomics
Keywords Tissue Microarray, Breast cancer-normal, Normal organs (non-cancer patients), Normal organs (non-cancer patients)
Notes Core diameter :  2.0 mm Section thickness  :  4 micrometer Slide orientation :  In most of the slides with 59 or 60 cores, the orientation is as below unless indicated otherwise. # 60 location is usually filled with carbon for orientation.
Product Type Tissues & Slides
Protocol How processed: Tissues were initially fixed with formalin except for some of the animal tissues. Then, dehydrated with gradient ethanol; typically 1 hour each progressive steps; 70%, 90%,  95%, 99%, 100% x 3 times. Cleared by xylene, three changes for 1 hour each. Infiltrated with 60°C paraffin, three changes for 1 hour each. Sectioned by microtome in 4 micrometer  thickness and put on Superfrost plus slides. Before use Dry slides for 1 hour in a oven at 60 degree. Dewax slides in xylene for 4 minutes x 5 times. Hydrate slides in 100%, 95% and 75% ethanol for 3 minutes x 2 times each. Immerse slides in tap water for 5 minutes.
Size 1 Slide
Storage Individual slide is put in an air-tight pack with inert gas. If the slides are stored at 4 degree, they are good for up to one year.
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