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Baby Rabbit Complement, Lyophilized

Baby Rabbit Complement, Lyophilized

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Article No 177-CL3441
Country Availability DK, EE, FI, FO, GL, IS, LT, LV, NO, SE
Description Baby Rabbit Complement, Lyophilized
Supplier Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd.
Format Lyophilized
Notes The serum is pooled from normal rabbits 3-4 weeks old and is intended as a source of rabbit complement for cytotoxicity studies. The complement is tested for activity against peripheral lymphocytes using monoclonal primary antibodies. The baby rabbit complement is added to human peripheral blood lymphocytes that have been pre-incubated with monoclonal antibodies. The sensitized cells are incubated in the presence of the baby rabbit complement for the appropriate length of time, and then scored for degree of killing.
Product Type Serum & Plasma
Protocol Reconstitute with 1-2 ml of ice cold distilled water (depending on size). Gently agitate to ensure that all lyophilized material is dissolved. Use within one hour of reconstitution. Keep reconstituted material on ice at all times. Storage of the reconstituted serum for longer periods at 4°C, or freezing and thawing of the reconstituted material will result in reduced potency. Appropriate working dilution: 1:2-1:16.
Size 10x1ml
Storage -20
Technical Specifications This reagent is not sold as sterile but can be sterilized by filtration if necessary.
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