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Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

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Library Preparation


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Application Library Preparation
Article No 298-63610
Country Availability SE, FI, DK, NO
Description Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina
Supplier Norgen Biotek
Notes The Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina consists of all the reagents and components required to generate small RNA libraries to be used for next-generation sequencing on an Illumina platform. All molecular reagents including adaptors, primers, enzyme mixes and buffers are provided. A purification module is also provided for rapid purification of nucleic acid products generated at various steps of the workflow. The purification module utilizes Norgen’s patent resin technology which enhances recovery of desired library intermediates or final products. The library prep workflow could be used for different forms of input including purified total RNA or enriched small RNA, as well as RNA from low content inputs such as plasma, serum and urine.
Product Type Kits & Panels, Library Preparation
Research Area Molecular Biology
Shipping Information DRY ICE
Size 6 Preps
Storage Some components require storage at -20°C, 4°C or room temperature. See individual components and box labels for storage conditions.
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