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tetracyclic diterpene antibiotic
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10mM (in 1mL DMSO)


MW 338.48
Article No 333-B7832-5.1
Country Availability SE, FI, DK, NO, IS, FO, GL
Description tetracyclic diterpene antibiotic
Supplier APExBIO
Notes Aphidicolin, a tetracyclic diterpenoid, is an antibiotic with novel structure produced by the mold Cephalosporium aphidicola. Aphidicolin is an inhibitor of DNA polymerase- [1].DNA polymerase- is an enzyme complex involved in initiation of DNA replication and during synthesis of Okazaki fragments on the lagging strand. The DNA polymerase- complex consists of 4 subunits: POLA1, POLA2, PRIM1, and PRIM2. POLA1 is the catalytic subunit. POLA2 is the regulatory subunit. PRIM1 and PRIM2 are the small and the large primase subunits [2].Aphidicolin selectively inhibited the activity of DNA polymerase- without activity for DNA polymerase- and mitochondrial DNA polymerase. Aphidicolin prevented cell division in sea urchin embryos [1]. Aphidicolin was a potent inhibitor of cellular deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis. Aphidicolin strongly inhibited the growth of herpes simplex virus both in tissue culture and in the rabbit eye. Aphidicolin was active against iododeoxyuridine-resistant herpes virus [3]. Aphidicolin showed antiviral activity and inhibited the incorporation of thymidine into DNA of cultured human embryonic lung cells. Aphidicolin (15 g/ml) reduced the activity of crude and partially purified DNA polymerases from the cytosol [4].References:[1] Ikegami S, TAGUCHI T, OHASHI M, et al. Aphidicolin prevents mitotic cell division by interfering with the activity of DNA polymerase-[J]. Nature, 1978, 275(5679): 458-460.[2] Lehman I R, Kaguni L S, Krause K H, et al. DNA polymerase alpha[J]. J. Biol. Chem, 1989, 264.[3] Bucknall R A, Moores H, Simms R, et al. Antiviral effects of aphidicolin, a new antibiotic produced by Cephalosporium aphidicola[J]. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 1973, 4(3): 294-298.[4] Ohashi M, Taguchi T, Ikegami S. Aphidicolin: a specific inhibitor of DNA polymerases in the cytosol of rat liver[J]. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 1978, 82(4): 1084-1090.
Molecular Formula C20H34O4
Product Type Chemicals & Biochemicals
Size 10mM (in 1mL DMSO)
Solubility >33.3mg/mL in DMSO
Storage Store at -20°C
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