Antibodies Primary

anti- ORM2-Specific antibody

anti- ORM2-Specific antibody

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MW 45 kDa
Application ELISA, IF, WB
Article No AFT-WOE2LK-100
BioSite Brand BioSite
Country Availability all
Clone 0E8
Clone Type monoclonal
Description anti- ORM2-Specific antibody
Recommended Dilution IF 1:50-1:500, WB 1:500-1:5000
Supplier Nordic BioSite
Format Liquid
Immunogen orosomucoid 2
Isotype IgG1
Notes ORM2, also named as AGP2 and OMD 2, belongs to the calycin superfamily and Lipocalin family. It functions as transport protein in the blood stream. ORM2 binds various hydrophobic ligands in the interior of its beta-barrel domain. It also binds synthetic drugs and influences their distribution and availability. ORM2 appears to function in modulating the activity of the immune system during the acute-phase reaction. ORM2 is one of the conserved endoplasmic reticulum membrane proteins which regulating lipid homeostasis and protein quality control. This antibody can specially recognize ORM2. It recognizes a band about 45 kDa in human plasma which may be due to the glycosylation of ORM2 or the dimer formation of the protein.
Alias Names AGP2, Alpha 1 acid glycoprotein 2
Previous Article No AFT-AA4440
Product Type Antibodies Primary
Protocol WB: 1:500-1:5000; IF: 1:50-1:500
Purification Protein A/G Purified
Purity ≥95% as determined by SDS-PAGE
Shipping Information BLUE ICE
Size 100 ug
Source / Host mouse
Species Reactivity human
Storage -20°C
UniProt Number P19652
Product Page Updated 2021-08-31T13:11:37.889Z

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