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Name Art no Species Reactivity Application Format Size Price
AACT PSP-227 Vial Login
AAV1 Null Control Virus AAV-351 50 μL Login
AAV1-Cre Control Virus AAV-311 50 μL Login
AAV1-GFP Control Virus AAV-301 50 μL Login
AAV1-LacZ Control Virus AAV-341 50 μL Login
AAV1-Luc Control Virus AAV-321 50 μL Login
AAV2 Null Control Virus AAV-352 50 μL Login
AAV2 Null Control Virus AAV-300 50 μL Login
AAV2-Cre Control Virus AAV-310 50 μL Login
AAV2-GFP Control Virus AAV-302 50 μL Login
AAV2-LacZ Control Virus AAV-342 50 μL Login
AAV2-Luc Control Virus AAV-320 50 μL Login
AAV3 Null Control Virus AAV-353 50 μL Login
AAV3-Cre Control Virus AAV-313 50 μL Login
AAV3-GFP Control Virus AAV-303 50 μL Login
AAV3-LacZ Control Virus AAV-343 50 μL Login
AAV3-Luc Control Virus AAV-323 50 μL Login
AAV4 Null Control Virus AAV-354 50 μL Login
AAV4-Cre Control Virus AAV-314 50 μL Login
AAV4-GFP Control Virus AAV-304 50 μL Login
AAV4-LacZ Control Virus AAV-344 50 μL Login
AAV4-Luc Control Virus AAV-324 50 μL Login
AAV5 Null Control Virus AAV-355 50 μL Login
AAV5-Cre Control Virus AAV-315 50 μL Login
AAV5-GFP Control Virus AAV-305 50 μL Login
AAV5-LacZ Control Virus AAV-345 50 μL Login
AAV5-Luc Control Virus AAV-325 50 μL Login
AAV6 Null Control Virus AAV-356 50 μL Login
AAV6-Cre Control Virus AAV-316 50 μL Login
AAV6-GFP Control Virus AAV-306 50 μL Login
AAV6-LacZ Control Virus AAV-346 50 μL Login
AAV6-Luc Control Virus AAV-326 50 μL Login
AAVS1 gRNA vector GE100023   Login
ACRP30 PSP-222 Vial Login
ACTB with N-tGFP tag for Cytoskeleton marking RC100002 10 µg Login
ACTB with N-tRFP tag for Cytoskeleton marking (10ug transfection-grade plasmid) RC100034 10 µg Login
AChE Substrate C047-1EA 1EA Login
ADAM <9-Anthryldiazomethane> 181-FK-101 100mg Login
ADAMTS13 PSP-221 Vial Login
AEC GTX30938 IHC Liquid 1 kit Login
AEC JM-2123-50 50 mL Login
AEC Chromogenic kit GTX16204 mouse IHC Liquid 1 kit Login
AEC Substrate 254-2769A8 IHC 100 mL Login
AEC Substrate (Single Solution) 254-F3A176 IHC 15 mL Login
AFC BV-1077-3 100 mg Login
AFP PSP-233 Vial Login
AGEs-BSA 181-AGEs-BSA 1mg Login
ALL?IN?ONE ELISPOT Accessory kit 177-CL89000K 1096T Login
ALL?IN?ONE ELISPOT Accessory kit 177-CL76000K 1096T Login
ALP Label 177-CLSG80182 100ml Login