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Nordic BioSite is a proud distributor of the whole range of Genetex product range. Genetex has been in the business for 20 years, starting off in the fields of breast cancer biology and prognostic marker research. GeneTex’s product portfolio now cover research areas including cancer, cell biology, epigenetics, immunology, infectious disease, metabolism, neuroscience, signal transduction, stem cell development and zebrafish biology.


GeneTex is committed to the highest standards of product performance through their stringent quality control process.


To meet this mission, they resolve to abide by the validation guidelines proposed by the International Working Group on Antibody Validation (IWGAV) 1 including genetic strategies (see their knockout/knockdown program) and independent antibody strategies (see their side-by-side program).


GeneTex has been conducting side-by-side western blot (WB) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) studies comparing GeneTex reagents to their competitors targeting the same proteins. There goal is to provide highly validated and high-quality GeneTex antibodies to assist you to attain the best possible results with their products.

Featured Products

EGFR pTyr1068 antibody (GTX132810) EGFR pTyr1173 antibody (GTX133437) EGFR pTyr845 antibody (GTX133600) ATM pSer1981 (GTX132146) ATR pSer1989 (GTX128145) p53 pSer15 antibody (GTX132995)

EGFR pTyr1068 antibody (GTX132810) orthogonal validation

Binding of EGFR to its ligands leads to receptor dimerization, autophosphorylation, and subsequent activation of signal transduction pathways that are involved in regulating cellular proliferation, differentiation, and survival. The GRB2 adaptor protein binds activated EGFR at phospho-Tyr1068 and triggers activation of Ras and its downstream ERK kinase pathway.

EGFR pTyr1173 antibody (GTX133437)

Phosphorylated Tyr1148 and Tyr1173 of activated EGFR are binding sites of Shc, SH2-containing scaffold protein. Shc binding directly regulates EGFR-induced activation of the JNK signaling pathway and indirectly activates the MAP kinase signaling pathway.







EGFR pTyr845 antibody (GTX133600) orthogonal validation

Phosphorylation of EGF receptor (EGFR) by c-Src at Tyr845 in the kinase domain is implicated in stabilizing the activation loop, maintaining the active state enzyme, and providing a binding surface for substrate proteins. EGFR Tyr845 phosphorylation can also be used as a diagnostic marker of cancer treatments.



ATM pSer1981 (GTX132146) orthogonal validation

Ataxia telangiectasia mutated kinase (ATM) is a cell cycle checkpoint serine/threonine kinase that promotes genome maintenance. Activation of ATM by auto-phosphorylation on Ser1981 occurs in response to DNA double-strand breaks.








ATR pSer1989 (GTX128145)Citation Supportorthogonal validation

The ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related (ATR) serine/threonine kinase is a master checkpoint regulator. Phosphorylation of ATR at Thr1989 occurs in response to DNA single-strand damage and is crucial for ATR activation and ATR-mediated signaling.








p53 pSer15 antibody (GTX132995)

DNA damage induces phosphorylation of tumor suppressor p53 at Ser15 by ATM and ATR, leads to a reduced interaction between p53 and its negative regulator,the oncoprotein MDM2. Without MDM2-stimulated degradation, both the accumulation and activation of p53 were promoted in response to DNA damage. The activation of p53 can lead to either cell cycle arrest and DNA repair, or apoptosis.

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