Cytokines & Growth Factors Recombinant Proteins – 50% Off

sino discount cytokine proteins

Sino Biological are celebrating their 14th Anniversary by offering 50% discount on over 1000+ Cytokines & Receptors.

  • By Families: 300+ Interleukins, 200+ Growth Factors, 100+ TNF…
  • By Species: Human, Mouse, Cynomolgus, Rhesus, Dog, Rabbit, Pig…
  • By Targets: VEGF, TNFa, HGF, EGF, IL-16, IL-6, IL-21, BMP2, IL-17, IL-18…


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Consistency between batches


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Terms  & Conditions

  • Activity Date: 04/01/2021-05/31/2021
  • Red prices apply. Discount has already been deducted from the list price
  • No promotion code needed
  • Discount cannot be used in conjuction with any other discount/offer