Surprise End of Year Savings - Cube Biotech!

Cube Biotech offers high-quality purification resins and nanodisc products, so that you can stock up your favorite products before the year is over. Truly speaking, the end of year savings are not a surprise anymore. But this year, the choice of products clearly is surprising! 


Cube Biotech presents their extended nanodisc portfolio:

* A broad choice of membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs)

* Untagged MSPs for his-tagged membrane proteins

* Mouse and rat MSPs for immunization 

* Assembled nanodiscs for cell-free expression 


Between October 1st-December 31st 2017, mention promo code CUBE2017 when placing your order, and save! 


The Top 7 discounted products - VIEW FULL PRODUCT LIST HERE!

  Product  Discount 
His-tagged membrane scaffold protein, lyophilized (2 /10 mg)  10%
Untagged membrane scaffold protein, lyophilized (2 /10 mg) 10%
Assembled nanodiscs for cell-free expression (50 ul) 10%
PureCube 100 Ni-NTA Agarose (50 ml) 20%
PureCube 100 INDIGO Ni-Agarose (50 ml)  20%
PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads (5 ml) 20%
PureCube Rho1D4 Agarose (1 ml)+ Rho1D4 peptide (5 mg) 50%


Please note that promotion is valid until December 31st 2017, just mention promo code CUBE2017 when placing your order. This cannot be combined with any other offers.