New Optibodies™ – Launched in 2017

Nordic Biosite is very proud of its premium series of antibodies, Optibodies™, which offer a great staining performance. Today we have an increasing number of different rabbit monoclonal Optibodies, and more to come! 

We would like to highlight four very interesting rabbit monoclonal Optibodies™; CD4 (BSR4), CD8 (BSR5), CD79a (BSR20), and CK20 (BSR7), including two mouse monoclonal Optibodies™; LEF1 (BS175 & BS190) and CD2 (BS60).

CD4 (BSR4) stained tonsil and liver tissues
CD8 (BSR5) stained tonsil and appendix tissues
CD79a (BSR20) stained tonsil and colon tissues
CK20 (BSR11) stained tonsil and colon carcinoma tissues

Our BSR20 clone stains B-cells and B-cell neoplasia intensively with a superior signal to noise ratio. We also launched CD20 rabbit monoclonal antibody (BSR7) colon carcinoma and urinary tract carcinoma diagnostic. Test our CD4, CD8, CD79a, and CK20 rabbit monoclonal antibodies, as well as our other antibodies from our Optibodies™ portfolio!
We also have excellent marker for B-lymphocytes. CD79a is commonly used with CD20 for detection of B-cell neoplasms. CD4 and CD8 are markers of T-lymphocytes, and these are useful for classification of lymphocytes in inflammation and lymphomas. Our CD4 (BSR4) clone offers intensive signal with specific performance. 

LEF1 (BS175&BS190) stained tonsil and CLL tissues
CD2 (BS60) stained tonsil and appendix tissues

Lymphoid Enhancing Factor 1 (LEF1) is a protein, which is a member of the TCF/LEF family. LEF1 is a transcription factor and it is expressed normally in T-lymphocytes, as well as pro-B-lymphocytes with nuclear staining pattern. Our LEF1 optibody is useful for lymphoma diagnostic, especially for detection of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and small lymphocytic lymphoma. CD2 (BS60) has an exceptional performance and signal intensity for lymphoma diagnostic.

Other newly launched Optibodies™ are:

BSH-3009 CD38 (BSR7)

BSH-2012 CD43 (BS62)

BSH-2015 SOX2 (BS121)

BSH-4000 CK8 (BSR15)

Ductal Breast Carcinoma
BSH-2013 GLUL (BS51)

Cat # Antibody Clone Source
BSH-9399-1 CD2 BS60 Mouse monoclonal
BSH-3008-1 CD4 BSR4 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-5001-1 CD8 BSR5 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-3009-1 CD38 BSR7 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-2012-1 CD43 BS62 Mouse monoclonal
BSH-3007-1 CD79a BSR20 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-4000-1 CK8 BSR15 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-5110-1 CK20 BSR7 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-9277-1 LEF1 BS175 & BS190 Mouse monoclonal
BSH-2015-1 SOX2 BS121 Mouse monoclonal
BSH-2013-1 GLUL BS52 Mouse monoclonal
BSH-3010-1 Beta Catenin BSR120 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-2014-1 Beta Catenin BS31 Mouse monoclonal
BSH-3011-1 CK5 BSR55 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-3013-1* CK14 BSR47 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-3012-1 CK5 + CK14 basal cell BSR55 & BSR47 Rabbit monoclonal
BSH-1001-1 Basal Cell Cocktail (CK5+P63) BSR55 & BSR6 Rabbit monoclonal

Table 1. Optibodies, launched in spring 2017.
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