Optimal success from NordicQC!

"The aim of Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control (NordiQC) is to promote the quality of immunohistochemistry and expand its clinical use by arranging schemes for immunohistochemical proficiency testing and providing examples of recommended protocols, tissue controls and other relevant information including descriptions of epitopes and technical protocol parameters."

We are proud to present the results from the last independent quality control where our Optibodies below received optimal result! 

Rabbit monoclonal optibodies:

HER2 (BSR44) - Optimal
PD-L1 (BSR90) - Optimal
Calretinin (BSR235) - Optimal
MSH6 (BSR100) - Optimal

Mouse monoclonal optibodies:

Synaptophysin (BS15) - Optimal

1. http://www.nordiqc.org/about.php  
2. http://www.nordiqc.org/news.php#news_19