Optimal results for OptibodiesTM in NordiQC assessment!


Nordic BioSite is proud to announce that in the latest quality assessment by NordiQC, optimal staining results were obtained for four OptibodiesTM; SMA (clone BS66), SOX10 (clone BS7), Cytokeratin 5 (clone BSR55) and HER2 (clone BSR44). OptibodiesTM are mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed specifically for use in immunohistochemistry. They offer high affinity and high specificity to its target antigens, give a high signal to noise ratio and can be used to achieve intensive and specific staining. In the NordiQC assessment, optimal results for SMA and SOX10 could be obtained on both semi- and fully automated staining platforms. SMA, clone BS66 was also the best performing antibody in the assessment of alpha-SMA with 100% of the submitted protocols assessed as optimal.



References: SMA: NordicQC run 55, SOX10: NordiQC run 55, Cytokeratin 5: NordiQC run 55, HER2: NordiQC run B27