Our number one asset is our people. All members of our sales force have experience in laboratory work, with educational backgrounds ranging from Master of Science to Ph.D. This gives them a unique understanding for our clients’ needs and the ability to offer qualified, relevant help. Information and knowledge is commonly shared within the company and helps quality and improvement. We find the product that is right for your research - at the best possible price.

Under the hashtag #byyourside, we will now be presenting our team for you to get a chance to get to know us even better.

Meet Roger - Our Immunology Product Manager

You may have come across Roger at some point through mail or in person at an exhibition somewhere in Sweden during the last couple of years – and for good reason! He has been active at Nordic BioSite for more than ten years, always trying to be present where antibodies
and their applications are being discussed. With a solid experience within flow cytometry technology and applications, he has widened his knowledge to embrace other uses of antibodies and related immunological assays. He enjoys a mental challenge, such as is frequently presented by some of the application questions from you customers. Any questions or concerns on immunology applications are always welcome!

Here is a challenge/invitation to you: if you have met him, send a mail at roger.festin@nordicbiosite.com describing your experience.